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Who We Are

Founded in 1978, Pyramid Print & Graphics started out as a small instant printer. Since then, our shop has evolved into a modern digital printing resource center able to meet the printing and graphics needs of business, large and small.

For over four decades, we’ve been dedicated to providing products and services that help businesses succeed.

We work closely with our clients to be sure the product they receive is exactly what their business needs to establish and maintain awareness of their brand, organize and communicate important information, or promote their events and campaigns.



To provide our clients with the highest quality of service using state of the art equipment.



To stay on the cutting edge of technology, with an emphasis on digital printing and copying.


Core Values

Applying our 30+ years of industry experience to every project, from conception to finished product.

here to help you succeed

Many of our customers consider us an important member of their business team, just as if we were a part of their on-site staff. That's the role we'd like to provide. When you need it copied, printed, typeset, published, bound, collated, dropped off, picked up, or mailed... you name it... we are the place to call. We want to be a valuable part of your business team!

Every job is performed to the highest standard of quality used in the industry today. Our commitment to excellence applies to the most intricate 4-color project or the simplest business announcement. We want the quality of the work performed to make you, and us, look good!

Time is always a concern for our clients. We meet the deadlines set, even in an urgent situation. We run an organized shop with state-of-the-art equipment. Our customers enjoy the cost-effectiveness of efficiency. There’s a lot of competition out there for your printing business, and we know it. Our commitment to superior service includes quick and easy pick-up and delivery services, as well as on-demand and same-day turnaround in many cases.

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Decades of experience in the printing and graphics business,
along with our complete dedication to effective design,
means you can be confident that you are receiving
the absolute highest quality service and products.



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